Set Your Intention

The teacher in my yoga class asks us to set an intention at the start of every class. It has been such a powerful practice for me that I decided to carry this over into the rest of my life and it works wonders. I have noticed the incredible benefits of paying attention to my daily intention and so I want to share this concept with you so you can experience the benefits in your life too.

Consider setting an intention like choosing a theme for your day. When you wake up each morning, decide what you want to focus on for the day. For example, if you set your intention as “Health”, make healthier choices at mealtime, ensure you are drinking enough water, cut back on sugar and caffeine, and take time to hit the gym, take a yoga class or walk around your neighborhood. Just get up and move! Setting your health as your intention for the day will make it a priority in your life.

Some of the most important things in our lives often get pushed down to the bottom of our to do list because we feel busy and overwhelmed. We live in such a fast passed and plugged in society that we rarely stop and unplug and find inner peace to think about important life issues and values. When you make a conscious decision to focus on one intention each day, you will achieve tiny daily goals that enhance your life in big ways.

If you set your intention as “Love”, make sure you express your love with both your words and actions to your family and friends. There is no time like the present to tell and show someone that you love them.

Express your love for your partner with a home-cooked romantic dinner, a beautiful bunch of flowers, a thoughtful poem or a foot rub. Show your kids you love them by writing a love note in their lunchbox or cutting a heart into their sandwich. Call your parents and grandparents just to tell them you love them and are thinking about them. Send your best friend a card and let her know all of the ways she is amazing or surprise her with tickets to a movie or concert.

If you set your intention as “Purpose”, meditate on what you feel your purpose on this planet is. Are you doing everything in your power each day to bring you closer to fulfilling your purpose? If not, what can you do to reach your highest potential? Pay close attention to what your heart says and let it be your guide. When you figure out what is important to you and what brings you the most amount of joy you are on track to figuring out your purpose. Your purpose is something that is bigger than yourself. How can you contribute to making the world a better place? What is the legacy that you will leave when you are gone? Think about ways you can apply your time, talent, energy and essence into something truly meaningful and important to you and you will find your purpose.

When you set a daily intention it will help guide and inform your thoughts, decisions and actions for the day in a very meaningful way. You will slow down and take your time in everything you do to honor the intention you made. You will see that you will accomplish more that you normally would have that day and you will feel like you are living with more purpose.

Have fun choosing your daily intentions and take time to include your family and friends so they can support you on your path to a more mindful life.

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Amy Malin has worked in the entertainment industry for over twenty years as a producer of star-studded red carpet events and charity benefits, a writer, director, producer, talent booker and publicist.

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