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Scott’s Pesto Pasta

History tells us that pesto is a gift from the pasta Gods, but let’s not waste time discussing the details. Let’s get down to business…

By the way, if you’re one of those people that doesn’t like pesto, we are going to have a serious problem. I won’t even be able to look at you. But, I’m just going to assume you are a living, breathing human being and therefore love pesto as much as I do. So, let me tell you how I take this sauce to another level…

Now, I don’t eat stuff like this often, so when I do, I expect it to be amazing. Therefore, I go the extra mile to make sure each ingredient is fresh and rock solid. I recommend taking the time to make meals from truly fresh ingredients and that means getting over to a local farmer’s market…

You will be supporting local farmers and getting produce that was picked that day, which means it will be significantly fresher and sweeter than the stuff in a market, which was picked a week ago.

Full disclosure: I fully admit that I don’t make my pesto from scratch. I would probably suck at it. Instead, I found the best damn pesto in the city and use that. I’m pretty sure it is way better than the slop I would make.

So, I suggest either going to a local farmer’s market or visit a high quality market and find fresh pesto that does not have chemical preservatives in it. But, if you have the time and think you can handle the pressure, I have a seriously awesome pesto recipe link below…

But for now, here’s the main recipe for my kick ass pesto pasta!!

1 bag of high quality, organic pasta (can be any type)
1-2 fresh heirloom tomatoes
A couple leaves of organic basil
1 package of high quality feta cheese (organic, if possible)
I got this pesto from a local farmer’s market

Cook the pasta and while that’s going, dice up the tomatoes and basil. When the pasta is ready, mix the pesto in… Then, cut some blocks of feta and crumble it into the pasta with your hands. Finally, sprinkle the basil and tomatoes on top.

It’s really important to get fresh, sweet, juicy tomatoes. The pesto is heavy and can feel a bit dry, but the tomatoes lighten it up big time.

The hardest part of this dish it that you have to try to eat it slowly. I’m warning you that you’re going to want to eat this fast. Pace yourself. Don’t be like me. Take your time and enjoy the flavors. They really do pop! Enjoy…

Are you still reading? Oh man, so you really do want that pesto recipe, huh? Fine, whatever. Just do NOT turn it into slop, like I probably would…  Check out this one: It looks good! Pesto Recipe…  Good luck!

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