Pillowfort Teepee

Create A Peaceful Space For Your Lil’ Cutie…

I recently purchased a grey and white Pillowfort Teepee from Target and it has become the focal point of my five-year-old son’s bedroom. The Teepee makes quite the statement and it also creates a very peaceful space for your little one.

When my son was younger he was gifted a few of plastic kids tents with cartoon characters on them, but they were so cheaply made that they all came a part after just a few days or weeks so I am super impressed with how well this Pillowfort TeePee is made and especially how it holds up after multiple energetic toddlers are playing in it.

My son loves reading books and cuddling his stuffed animals in his Teepee. When friends come over they create fascinating stories in the Teepee pretending to be pirates looking for buried treasure, or superheroes plotting to save the city from evil villains.

The Pillowfort Teepee is roomy and can fit one adult and one child comfortably or up to three small kids inside. I bought comfy throw pillows with inspirational messages and a super soft faux shag rug to complete the cozy space.

The Pillowfort TeePee is made of polyester and comes with wood poles to keep it upright. We used the grey ribbon at the top of the TeePee to secure the poles an extra time for added security and stability. The TeePee is durable and sturdy.

The TeePee takes just minutes to install and requires no tools to set up. I recommend having an extra set of hands because having someone hold the poles while the other person ties them, makes it a much easier and faster set up.

The Pillowfort TeePee retails for $89.99 in Target stores and on their website. When I purchased it there was a sale for Pillowfort merchandise and so I was able to save some money on it. I found other Teepees online for more than double the price, so this is a good buy for a quality, sturdy and fashionable Teepee.

Tip: Download the Cartwheel app for Target on your smart phone to access special sale and discount prices, which will be scanned at the register at the time of your purchase.

The Pillowfort Tee-Pee comes with a carrying case so you can take your Tee-Pee to grandma’s house or on vacation with you.

Your lil’ cuties will love their Pillowfort Teepee. I can’t wait to check out the rest of the Pillowfort line of furniture and accessories for kids’ rooms. The brand has a very classy and throwback aesthetic to it that is very sweet and charming.

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