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Budapest, Hungary is the birthplace of the Escape Room phenomenon, which invaded the U.S. just two years ago. Players have just one hour to solve countless clues and figure out how to escape a locked room. Escape Rooms have become one of the hottest trends in entertainment, as it is a thrilling, mind bending and heart pounding experience enjoyed with friends. PanIQ Entertainment opened the first Escape Room facility in the U.S. in Hollywood in 2014.

After much success with this location and opening facilities in San Diego, Chicago, Miami and Phoenix, PanIQ Entertainment decided to modify the concept and opened the MagIQ Room in Los Angeles, which offers an incredible experience for families.

Unlike the escape rooms for adults, MagIQ Room offers three distinct adventures where you work together as a team to solve a mystery. We took our son and nephew to MagIQ Room and participated in The Pirate’s Den adventure room and it was amazing! We had such a great time. The experience fosters teamwork, cooperation, thinking outside the box, intense concentration and focus. We were laughing and high-fiving each other every time we solved a puzzle and moved on to the next phase. It was great to see my son and nephew look for clues and then interpret them in such creative ways. The Pirate’s Den offered an experience that was exercise for the mind, body and spirit. When we solved the mystery it was such a gratifying feeling of accomplishment.

The set design in the Pirate’s Den was fantastic and the puzzles were very clever. You could tell how much thought and planning went into the creation of the experience. Things in the Pirate’s Den were never what they seemed and we loved that. Niki at the MagIQ Room was vested to ensure we had a wonderful time and was so helpful.

We had so much fun at the Pirate’s Den room that we had to go back and try their Secrets of Wizardry room. This room is the easiest of their three rooms but it is still challenging. We took Scott’s parents and older brother along with our son and made it another family affair. They had an adorable wizard’s robe for Maxwell to wear, which got him into the spirit of the magical adventure. Sophie gave us our basket of supplies and explained the back-story. We were on a quest to retrieve our magic wands that were stolen from us by a wicked elf. We had sixty minutes to solve puzzles and clues in the wicked elf’s home.

From the moment we stepped through the front door it was game on… We turned over everything in sight and started searching for clues. There were so many different types of puzzles in this room and lots of cool surprises. It was an elegant mix of old school spy techniques with modern day technology to create puzzles that all fit into the wizard mythology. The décor and set design of the room is amazing. It really felt like we were in a wicked elf’s lair and everywhere you looked there was something to figure out.

I was so proud of how well our family worked together to solve the clues. We solved the mystery and escaped the wicked elf’s home with seven minutes to spare. It was such a rush to know we successfully completed the adventure room. We had so much fun that we can’t wait to go back with friends and try their Pharaoh’s Legacy adventure room, which is their most advanced room.

Even though MagIQ Room was designed with families in mind, this is a spot that adults can go to sans kids and they will have a blast. Each time we were there, we saw groups of adults enjoying the adventure rooms and being challenged by the puzzles that await behind each door. The owners and staff at MagIQ Room really care about the guest experience and the service is great. You can see how much pride they take in creating unique adventure experiences and that their team really has a love for what they do.

Pricing for the MagIQ Room adventures range from $24 – $36 per person depending upon the day of the week and time you want to attend. Adventure room experiences range from 6-10 people depending upon the themed adventure you pick.

MagIQ Room also hosts birthday parties and has packages available on their website. This would be an incredible spot for a kid’s birthday party. This is one of the coolest things we have done with our son. We are now huge fans of the adventure rooms at MagIQ Room and are excited for another fun family adventure there soon.

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